Change Healthcare Unveils Nationwide Cloud-Based Solution for Clinical Data Retrieval

Real-time digital access to electronic health records drastically reduces the need for manual collection of patient care data

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul. 20, 2020-- Today Change Healthcare (Nasdaq: CHNG) unveiled its nationwide Clinical Data Retrieval service, a new cloud-based interoperability solution that makes it possible for payers to quickly and easily retrieve patient records from the industry’s leading electronic health record (EHR) systems, and other EHRs. The service provides patient care data in an integrated, electronic fashion to verify claim accuracy, pay claims, manage risk profiles, improve plan designs, expand care coordination, satisfy quality reporting requirements (such as HEDIS), improve member engagement, reduce wasteful spending, improve interventions, and ultimately, enhance patient care. Future releases will allow other covered entities that require patient care data to use this service.

While electronic retrieval of clinical care data is not new, nationwide access to the data in multiple EHRs has not been widely available until today. This broad scale and automated access contrasts with current practice, which requires staff from organizations who need this data to continuously fan out across the country to visit provider sites to manually retrieve, review, and photocopy literally millions of patient charts—each of which can be anywhere from a few pages to more than 100. In contrast, Change Healthcare’s Clinical Data Retrieval modernizes the process by using advanced consent- and patient-identity management capabilities to transform this time-consuming process into a secure, efficient, digital solution.

The traditional manual chart retrieval process is not only inefficient and costly. It also limits the number of records organizations can gather, is subject to human error due to the sheer volume of data, and can be challenging to perform securely. On-site visits are also inconvenient for providers because they must dedicate physical space and staff to pull charts and respond to representatives’ questions. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, onsite visits have become particularly challenging. This new solution addresses that obstacle, allowing information to be provided with less risk to all parties during the pandemic.

Clinical Data Retrieval helps streamline and expedite data access, and uses an innovative identity capability to help organizations retrieve a broader, more in-depth view of the patient. Whereas traditional, manual patient-to-record matching might produce a patient’s local medical charts, Clinical Data Retrieval expands that reach to historical records housed in other locations. This capability is a key enabler in a time when many office personnel continue to work remotely.

“It’s hard to believe that chart retrieval is still governed by the use of planes, trains, and automobiles,” said Faisal Mushtaq, senior vice president and general manager, Clinical Network at Change Healthcare. “This process is long overdue for a digital makeover. Our Clinical Data Retrieval service reduces the friction, increases the automation, and allows this data to better support patient-centered and value-based care.”

Customers will use an industry-standard API-interface that integrates Change Healthcare’s platform into the native workflows of an insurer’s analytics platforms, care coordination systems, quality management systems, and risk management platforms, as well as the workflows of other organizations that require access to patient care data, with appropriate consent. This proven, well documented, and secure service helps ensure an efficient, high-quality experience for the submitters and recipients of patient care data.

Health plans and other covered entities requiring patient care data can learn more about the Clinical Data Retrieval service at

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